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  • Greetings, World!

    At Refirm, we don’t just treat and beautify skin: we revive and revitalize confidence. A medically supervised clinic that specializes in injectable cosmetics. As Calgary’s leading BOTOX COSMETIC Clinic, we will remove wrinkles and lines leaving you rejuvenated and energized!

  • Embrance Your Skin.

    Love Your Body. Live The Good Life

  • Treat Your Skin and Spirit

    Stretch marks and wrinkles, crow’s feet and furrows—they do more damage than simply tarnishing your fur coat: they tarnish your spirit. Your confidence is first in the line of fire when imperfections of the skin are concerned, and we address them all.
    Perfecting your natural grace and helping you reacquaint with your confidence, we employ sophisticated and innovative techniques and advanced equipment used by highly trained and expertly skilled professionals to restore your former prime.


Make your face look great again with Botulinum toxin injections. Relaxed face muscles, compact skin, and a crackdown on all signs of aging: wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead furrows.
Get clear, glowing skin that stretches out evenly and makes you look younger.
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Injectable Fillers

It’s time to say a final good bye to all fine lines, and the less fine wrinkles and creases that mar your face and make you feel less than fine when face to face with others.
Smooth those scars and minimize those marks.At Refirm, we provide Skin filler services engineered to beautify and perfect your face. We use the latest and most advanced injectables to produce a ravishing outer appearance and immense inner confidence.
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Stretch marks

50-90% women have a streak of bands on their bodies which in addition to sticking out like a sore thumb add to their insecurity, making them ill at ease in their own skins and in their own bodies. Helping wash away all your embarrassment, the professionals at Refirm use advanced laser treatment to mitigate the damage inflicted by stretch marks, resulting in smoother, prettier skin. Regenerative Collagen Therapy is an advanced technique being offered currently only in Europe. Our practitioners have received their training in Europe and currently the only professionals in Calgary who are skilled at Regenerative Collagen Therapy, an effective treatment for stretch marks.
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What We Do

At Refirm, we are a medically supervised clinic with a team of highly skilled doctors and nurses who specialize in injectables and fillers.

The staff at our clinic stands apart from others solely because we have years of experience and are specialists in this specific field, having dedicated much time and skill perfecting our craft. We strive to provide each client with customized treatment that would best suit their needs and deliver out fullest in every treatment that we undertake. Our goal is to make each client look and feel better, and to help them regain their youthful appearance!

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Calling Business Hours : Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm

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