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4 Celebrities That Swear By Botox

Celebrities are no strangers to cosmetic treatments and surgeries. They’re one of the most recurrent users and advocates of most cosmetic procedures, especially Botox. Since their profession requires them to be always under the spotlight they need their skin to appear wrinkle and blemish-free all the time. There are a lot of people who look up to celebrities as style and beauty icons.

This is why most celebrities have unabashedly spoken up about using Botox as an essential step in their skincare so that people can make informed decisions for themselves. It is one of the top five procedures, along with injectable and dermal fillers that are most commonly administered to Canadians. More millennials are also opting for this treatment, previously thought to be exclusive to Gen X.

Here are a few of your favorite celebrities who swear by Botox:

Cindy Crawford

Former supermodel and current owner of her very own skincare brand, Cindy Crawford is very open about her regular visits to get Botox injections. She maintains a healthy lifestyle and has access to only the best skincare products and exercise regimens. But she admits to using collagen and Botox injections to keep her skin firm and elastic. Even though she is very particular about staying fit, she claims she owes the vitality of her skin to her cosmetician.

Kim Kardashian West

Reality television star, businesswoman and mom of four, Kim Kardashian West doesn’t shy away from cameras and is very open to publicity. There was an episode of in reality show, all about the influencer getting the procedure done on camera. The whole family is very open about getting the treatments done regularly and the youngest sister Kylie Jenner’s infamous fillers.

Kelly Ripa

Morning show host and funny gal Kelly Ripa has sworn publicly about how Botox has changed her life for the better. She claims that it has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes for her to get ready because her skin has seen such monumental improvements because of Botox.

John Mayer

Men are not exempt from singing praises about Botox, literally in John Mayer’s case. The singer was able to recover from damaged vocal cords much faster with the help of surgery and Botox. The protein has more benefits that extend beyond aging and experts recommend it as a treatment option for migraines, excessive sweating, etc.

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