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5 Best Ways to Reduce Body Odour

We’ve all had days where catching a whiff of our own body odour has made us wrinkle our noses in mild disgust and embarrassment. Is that what everyone else has been smelling all day? Being told that you smell good is one of the best compliments that you can get, while the opposite can be just as hurtful.

Here’s how you can keep your body odour at bearable levels:

1. Understand what causes BO

Believing that sweat itself causes body odour is a common misconception. Sweat alone has almost no smell, but the process of bacteria breaking down the protein molecules in that sweat can produce a strong odour. As such, people who sweat a lot are more susceptible to emitting body odour.

2. Keep yourself clean

Take a shower everyday if you have an active lifestyle. This can help you wash away the sweat and some of the odour-causing bacteria present on the surface of your skin. Wash yourself thoroughly, especially the areas which tend to have more bacteria such as your feet, groin, back of the ears, and armpits.

Use antibacterial soap for better and lasting effects.

3. Dry off properly

Make sure to towel yourself off thoroughly after every shower, especially on areas which tend to sweat more. Body odour-causing bacteria will find it harder to breed on dry skin. This is why you should also dry off as soon as you can after a workout session or even just going up a flight of stairs in muggy weather.

If possible, keep a change of dry clothes for the gym or after biking to work.

4. Use industrial strength deodorants and antiperspirants

Strong antiperspirants have aluminum chloride, which helps the body reduce its sweat production. They usually also have deodorants in them to help you stay smelling fresh throughout the day.

A woman raising her arms up after getting laser skin resurfacing on her armpits5. Get a sweat reduction treatment

Refirm provides the Morpheus8 treatment that can dramatically decrease underarm odour and sweat within an hour with the use of radio-frequency technology and thermal energy. This treatment can permanently eliminate sweat glands, and is widely used to treat hyperhidrosis.

Our wide variety of services includes cellulite and fat reduction treatment, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation treatment, and body contouring treatment.

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