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Don’t let time carry away your self confidence.

Reverse the signs of ageing bring back a youthful appearance with high tech laser technology and advanced body reshaping procedures that don’t require surgery or extra downtime.

Life in Calgary can also bring unique skin care concerns with challenging climate and UV exposure from ample sunlight. Explore how REFIRM Skincare Clinic can correct many common skincare and body conditions and rejuvenate your appearance.

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Skin & Body Conditions in Calgary


Say bye-bye to acne breakouts. We can help with skincare and acne treatments including chemical peels and cleansing facials.
Learn more about Acne

Age Spots

Leave age spots where they belong – in the past. Effective non-invasive options are available to achieve younger-looking skin.
Learn more about Age Spots


Banish cellulite with advanced laser technology. Enjoy transformed, radiant skin without surgery or needles.
Learn more about Cellulite

Double Chin

If you're struggling to get rid of your double chin, advanced treatments are available to get rid of double chin without surgery.
Learn more about Double Chin

Dry Eyes before illustration

Dry Eyes

Don’t suffer from the discomfort of dry eyes. Non-surgical treatments target the meibomian glands and helps to improve tear production.
Learn more about Dry Eyes

Excessive Fat

When diet and exercise are not doing the trick, non-invasive treatments can remove stubborn fat with no downtime!
Learn more about Excessive Fat


There is no shame in wanting clear and radiant skin. Treat hyperpigmentation with advanced laser and skin treatments.
Learn more about Hyperpigmentation


Unwanted facial redness can affect anyone. Treat rosacea symptoms and stop unexpected blushing with advanced laser and IPL procedures.
Learn more about Rosacea

Sagging Skin

Skin changes over time, but there are high-tech treatments to improve elastin and collagen. Reverse signs of age without surgery or downtime!
Learn more about Sagging Skin


Scars represent healing but it is normal to want to remove them. Renew your appearance by resurfacing skin and promoting new dermal growth.
Learn more about Scarring

Stretch Mark

Stretch marks can impact everyone. But skin texture and appearance can be improved by increasing skin elasticity - without pain or needles.
Learn more about Stretch Mark


Sun exposure can cause unwanted blemishes. Correct sunspots with photofacial treatments and restore smooth radiant skin.
Learn more about Sunspots

Superficial Veins

Veins can become visible leading to undesirable skin appearance. They can be treated effectively and safely with laser and IPL treatments.
Learn more about Superficial Veins


Sweating doesn’t have to be a detriment to your daily activities. Treat hyperhidrosis and gain new confidence of dry skin.
Learn more about Excessive Sweating

Unwanted Hair

Stop waxing, plucking and shaving. Remove unwanted hair forever with laser hair removal. It's quick, easy and comfortable.
Learn more about Unwanted Hair

Urinary Incontinence

Loss of bladder control is a normal health issue. It can be treated safely and effectively using EMSELLA without surgery or downtime.
Learn more about Urinary Incontinence

Vascular Lesions

Blood vessels can sometimes be visible through the skin. Vanish them with advanced laser and IPL treatments.
Learn more about Vascular Lesions


Wrinkles develop with age and treating them with Injectables and skincare products can go a long way to restoring a youthful appearance.
Learn more about Wrinkles

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