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It’s true, you can’t turn back time. But there is no need to tell your skin.

Age spots are a normal part of aging and – like many skin blemishes – are the results of sun exposure, as well as the passage of time. Many Calgarians like yourself have sought treatment for age spots at our local clinic. Like sunspots, age spots often appear on the parts of the body that have been in the sun the most; the shoulders, arms and face are common.

Also, like sunspots, they can range in colour, varying from light to dark brown or reddish brown. They can change colour or shape overtime and – while largely harmless – age spots should always be checked by a doctor to confirm they are not cancerous.

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Innovative Age Spot Solutions

Age spots affect men and women and can be removed to improve the skins’ appearance and reverse the signs of aging. If smooth, even skin is the goal, then safe, effective treatments are available to remove the spots and freshen your skin, appearance, and confidence – at any age, right here in Calgary.

Over the counter products to lighten the skin have been successful at treating age spots by preventing pigmentation. Retinols and alpha hydroxy acids are common and safe.

Photorejuveantion Treatments are a non-invasive option recommended by our team at Refirm’s Calgary Clinic. We offer Lumecca and Forever Young BBL treatments to target vascular and pigmented lesions and increase collagen. During treatment, your age spots will absorb light energy delivered by the machine and fade quickly, leaving smooth, clear skin behind. For advanced cases, We recommend Fractional Skin Resurfacing with HALO Treatments. These non-surgical treatments promote collegen and new skin growth with minimal downtime.

Calgary Age Spot Treatments


Treat rosacea, brown spots & sun damage with photofacials. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and BroadBand Light (BBL) target uneven pigment.
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Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Renew damaged skin with resurfacing. Powerful lasers resurface the skin for treat advanced age spots.
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