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Men, women, young, or old – stretch marks impact everyone, including lots of people in Calgary.

The medical name for stretch marks is striae distensae and they are completely harmless, and completely common. Often presenting as stripes on the skin, stretch marks occur when, you guessed it, the skin is stretched suddenly and dramatically. Pregnancy, rapid weight, or muscle gain, or even growth spurts are typically to blame. Some marks fade over time and other remain on the skin until treated professionally.

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What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks appear when the surface of the skin is stretched or pulled too quickly and too far, resulting in a long, narrow mark. The stretching disrupts collagen production and reduces elastically, and marks are formed on the skins surface.  They are often found on areas with a higher concentration of fat – legs, tummy, buttocks, back, or upper arms.

There are creams and over the counter products available, but their effectiveness is mixed. Our REFIRM Calgary Skincare Centre offers modern stretch mark removal treatments help remove even the most stubborn stretch marks.

Are you tired of your stretch marks? Book a Fractional Skin Resurfacing or Morpheus8 treatment today. Non-invasive and pain-free, it utilizes radio & laser energy to eliminate fat and tightens elastin fibers. These advanced treatments instantly lift skin and improves its texture and appearance, removing stubborn stretch marks for good.

It’s time to move through the world with a renewed confidence.

Calgary Stretch Mark Treatments

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Treat stretch marks and renew skin with Fractional Resurfacing. Advanced lasers resurface the skin and stimulate new, healthy growth.
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Morpheus8 Deep Skin Remodelling

Microchannels deliver RF energy deep into the skin. This stimulates collagen production to reduce stretch marks & improve complexion.
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