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Calgary is envied for our summertime, sunshine, and truly great outdoors. There is nothing quite like it. But sun exposure is harmful for skin and causes damage – especially with age.

Sunspots are blemishes on the skin, and they typically appear on areas most often exposed to the sun such as the face, forehead, arms, shoulders, and hands. They present as flat, round, spots can be light brown, reddish or black. Sunspots may change size or colour over time. Sunspots are very common in people over 40, the age at which one’s skin is less able to recover from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 

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Treating Sunspots

While harmless, they can be removed to improve the skin’s overall appearance. Correcting sunspots can bring back a youthful appearance and re-ignite your confidence. Women and men can treat their sunspots at any age to reinvigorate their skin.

In fact, treating sunspots can effectively correct years of sun damage from the bright, Calgary sunshine and effectively remove the signs of aging. Over the counter skin-bleaching products such as creams or serums with alpha hydroxy acids or retinoids are common treatments.

Simply and safely removing sunspots is a key step in restoring a youthful appearance and help you look years younger. Modern dermatology treatments are faster, targeted and more effective than any creams or topicals.

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Advanced Sunspot Removal in Calgary


Sunspots can be treated with photofacials. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and BroadBand Light (BBL) target uneven pigment.
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Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Treat sunspots and renew skin with Fractional Resurfacing. Advanced lasers resurface the skin and stimulate new, healthy growth.
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