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Whether you’re running late for a meeting or lounging at home, sweat patches on your back and armpits are never a good look.

Also known as hyperhidrosis, excess sweating can happens at inconvenient times even when you’re not physically active. It can occur even when you are not hot. Common places affected by excess sweat include underarms, face, neck, back, groin, feet, and hands.

While usually not harmful, hyperhidrosis can be a detriment to your confidence and daily activities. Many people seek treatment to reduce excess sweat. You too can enjoy dry skin with high-tech, non-invasive solutions.

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Sweating Solutions

From giving you a confidence boost to helping you get rid of the hassle of washing out sweat stains from clothes, there are various benefits to  treating excessive sweating.

Some of them include:

  • The treatment results in a permanent reduction in sweat
  • Most patients only require one session to eliminate sweat glands
  • The treatment has minimal downtime
  • It saves you from the trouble of disrupted normal daily activities due to sweating
  • It reduces sweating-induced social anxiety and embarrassment

Say bye to the nuisance with our premier Morpheus8 treatment in Calgary.

Calgary Sweating Treatment

Morpheus8 is a simple treatment that dramatically reduces underarm sweat and odour in as little as an hour. The revolutionary treatment utilizes radiofrequency technology and uses thermal energy to target and eliminate sweat glands in your underarms. The treatment permanently eliminates sweat glands and prevents them from growing again, making it a much better alternative to other sweat-reducing products and deodorants.

The procedure is widely used for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, which constitutes abnormal and excessive sweating. The procedure has no downtime and very few risks.

REFIRM is one of the only few clinics in Canada to offer this procedure

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