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Do Under-Eye Fillers Work to Treat Dark Circles?

In the age of social media, looking flawless has become compulsory, and if you have dark under-eye circles, it can be quite irritating to constantly retouch your makeup to hide them. Most of the time, even the most promising eye creams fail to fix under-eye dark circles. That’s why getting your eye bags fixed by a professional skin rejuvenation clinic can give you a flawless and youthful look.

We’ve designed this guide to help you better understand how fillers work.

How do These Fillers Work?

Under-eye fillers are usually made from hyaluronic acid that is injected into the skin under your eyes to brighten the area and give the appearance of thicker fat pads under your eyes, making you look less tired. The procedure is quick and usually takes around 15 minutes from start to finish. Under-eye filters only work when there’s a hollowness under your eyes that creates shadows and can be filled. They won’t work on the dark pigmentation of the skin under your eyes. So make sure you consult with your doctor before going for the treatment.

Are There Any Risks Associated?

If you get your treatments done from a reputed clinic that’s up-to-date with the regulations, there are no dangerous after-effects you should worry about. These procedures are non-invasive and only cause minimal disruptions to your tissues which are healed quickly. In some cases, if the procedure isn’t done properly, you could end up with scarring or severe tissue damage. If this happens, you should immediately consult your doctor to prevent any serious damages. In extreme cases, if the damage isn’t treated properly, it can lead to blindness.

Women with under-eye dark circlesHow Long Do The Results Last?

The timeline of the fillers depends mainly on the concentration, thickness, and size of the solution injected. Depending on these factors, your fillers may last anywhere from 6 months to a year. The deciding factor can be based on your desired finished look as different formulations create different effects. Another thing is the placement of the filler. The ones injected deeper give a different look as compared to the shallow ones. So the best option is to consult your dermatologists before making any choices.

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