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Do’s and Don’ts to Get Botox before Your Wedding

Botox has become the staple in most women’s beauty and skincare regime, especially those between the ages of twenty and fifty. The convenience of the procedure and the fact that it takes literally less than twenty minutes has convinced less people to be hesitant about getting it done. When it comes to your big day, you want to look even more flawless so you look youthful and wrinkle-free in your wedding photos that you will hold on to forever.

Especially a few days before the main event, you might be somewhere in BrideZilla territory. The stress can make you look tired and haggard whereas you want to look well rested and glowing when you say your vows. Are you doubtful about getting the procedure, especially if it’s your first time? Here are a few reasons why you should consider it!

Time it perfectly

While the treatment only lasts a few minutes, it takes at least a fortnight for the effects to settle into your face. If you time your visit to your cosmetologist accurately, you can make sure that the peak of your Botox is at the day of your wedding. If it’s only possible for you to get one full cycle of treatment before your big day, make sure you get it at least six weeks before. After two weeks it will kick in and you can go for any follow up sessions that may be needed.

Make sure you go back

Botox affects people differently; hence the dosage can differ as well. It’s imperative that you visit your aesthetician for a review because different people can react differently. Some may need more dosage than others but let the expert guide you on how much is plenty.  The treatment is preventative in nature so it most probably will help you look fresher than before.

Don’t alter your smile too much

The best wedding photos are ones that capture your natural smile and mood at the moment. If you get botox too close to your eyes it can make them look too frozen or pinched. You should want to still be able to emote on your wedding day. So ask your cosmetician if the wrinkles around the eyes can be avoided so that you can still look your best self.

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