Exilis Ultra Treatment

Exilis Ultra Treatment

The Exilis Ultra cosmetic treatment is the only non-invasive device that combines ultrasound energy and radiofrequency technology. Any cosmetic concerns you have from head to toe can be addressed with this amazing device.

The ultrasound combined with the RF energy in order to heat up the tissue effectively, easily, and quickly. You will find that the results of the Exilis Ultra are comfortable, safe, consistent, and definitely more superior to other skin treatments.

This non-surgical, quick solution helps with skin tightening treatment on the face, chest, abdomen, neck, buttocks, legs, flanks, elbows, calves, knees, ankles, lips, and arms.

What Are Exilis Ultra Treatments Like?

If you want to get pain-free skin tightening treatments, the Exilis Ultra feels like a deep tissue heat massage since the RF waves melt the fat cells, encourage collagen production, and tightens the elastin fibers. There is also a cooling mechanism that is built into the device that regulates the heat so that it never feels uncomfortable at all. Some patients have described the treatment as similar to hot stone massages.

Am I a Candidate for Exilis Ultra?

The best part is that the Exilis Ultra is more accessible to people since it’s a non-invasive procedure. Anyone with sagging skin, loose skin, fat, or cellulite can benefit from our Exilis Ultra in Calgary. It can smooth, firm up, and tighten the skin that ensures it diminishes the amount of fat, restores sagging skin, and smooth out the cellulite dimples.

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Every patient who walks through our doors for their non-invasive skin tightening treatment sees quick and amazing results! Take a closer look at the before and after pictures of Exilis Ultra here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra can be used for skin tightening around the face, chest, abdomen, neck, buttocks, legs, flanks, elbows, calves, knees, ankles, lips, and arms. This makes it quite a versatile solution. It can also be used along with other procedures for comprehensive and fuller results. It is often used with procedures to even out skin texture or tone, wrinkle reduction, and body contouring too. You can combine it with dermal fillers, lasers, and body sculpting procedures.

Exilis Ultra sessions can take 15 to 45 minutes, depending on which areas you need to treat. The best part is that there isn’t any recovery time that you need to worry about, so you can drive yourself home or to whatever you have planned for the day. You will need multiple sessions to see the full range of results. Generally, 4 to 6 sessions are needed for good, long-lasting results. You will probably receive some post-treatment tips.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you will see that the results last for years.

This non-invasive procedure is really safe, and there aren’t that many side effects. In some cases, patients may face some irritation or minor redness in the treatment area, but this subsides in a couple of hours. With the trained technicians working at Refirm, you can be rest assured that side effects are extremely unlikely.

  • Painless procedures
  • Quicker treatments
  • Versatile treatment for all over the body
  • Permanently burns fat, contours, and tightens
  • No recovery period
  • Rare and minimal side effects

The energy from radiofrequency and ultrasound gets absorbed into the skin in the form of heat. It can reach the deeper foundational layers that encourage the natural healing action in the body. It stimulates the production of collagen that helps to tighten the skin and increases the blood flow to the skin. Throughout the session, the collagen production continues to increase, which leads to effective skin tightening results.

The goal of Exilis Ultra is to increase the temperature of the tissue to 40°C. This increases the blood flow in the skin tissue, which is important when targeting tissue.

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