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Things You Need To Know Before Your First Botox Treatment

Is everyone around you getting Botox treatment and you’re caught in a sort of conundrum?  Sometimes, you wonder if you should start too, because your thirties or forties are looming ahead.

Too much back and forth between deciding to take the final step can be exhausting, and frankly too hard to keep up with.

What is Botox?

An increasing number of people are opting for Botox treatments as a preventative measure for wrinkles. It is currently the best minimally invasive, non-surgical aesthetic treatment, hence its widespread appeal. The treatment is usually quick enough to last your lunch break and you’d be able to go back to work right after.

It can be used to soften wrinkles on the forehead, tighten the jawline and take care of the pesky laugh lines. The actual chemical is known as botulinum toxin and Botox is just the brand name. It paralyzes the facial muscles for a time period which smoothens out the wrinkles and furrows.

Get yourself a consultation first

If it’s your first time getting Botox, you don’t need to freak out too much because the first thing you should do is seek consultation from a trained professional. Only after an evaluation will the technician be able to advise you about the procedure.

Botox is completely safe if done by a professional

Botox is a very common procedure and is quick and easy to administer. Make sure that the person performing the procedure is a certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. You may have heard of the myth that it can bruise a little but that is very rare and can be easily dealt with post-Botox lasers.

There’s no right age to start Botox

Contrary to popular belief, you’re not running out of time to get Botox. The right time can be determined by what your goals and preference are. It’s definitely a good procedure to invest in when you want to take preventative measures because wrinkles cannot be undone but they can tighten your skin.

If you’re excited about bidding farewell to those unwelcome wrinkles, then make an appointment today at Refirm in Calgary. For safe Botox injections, you can call us at 403 466 3476.