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Why consider Skin Tightening in Calgary?

As we grow older, the production of elastin and collagen slows down. Reduced production these proteins result in saggy and loose skin around the neck, chin and other areas of the face. The good new is sagging of skin is reversible without invasive surgical procedures or long recovery time using FORMA Skin Tightening.

FORMA is a cutting-edge skin tightening treatment that gives your face an instant lift without having to undergo surgery. The non-invasive procedure makes use of radiofrequency to target problem areas of the skin, deep within its layers. Sagging areas are improved the production of collagen resulting in a more youthful and fresher appearance over a period of only six weeks.

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FORMA can be used for:

Woman's lower face and lips

Skin Texture & Remodeling

Forma remodels the dermis by delivering uniform heating to the deep layers of skin. Non-invasive RF energy can treat delicate areas to improve improve skin texture.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear when the surface of the skin is stretched beyond a certain level, resulting in a tear mark. Stretch mark removal treatment can help remove stubborn stretch marks so you could feel more confident about your skin.

FORMA can improve facial skin appearance

FORMA uses bipolar radio-frequency heating, ideal for remodeling facial skin for a more youthful and natural appearance. FORMA can improve:

  1. Forehead
  2. Crows feet
  3. Eyelids.
  4. Nasolabial folds
  5. Jowls
  6. Smile lines
  7. Neck

How FORMA Skin Tightening Works

The non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment makes use of heat to contract elastin in the skin. The treatment begins by applying a conductive gel on the targeted area. A wand is used to massage your skin to induce a heating Heat then reaches through the layers of the skin to stimulate the “FORMAtion” of new collagen for an improved appearance, reduced wrinkles & fine lines, and visibly smoother skin.

What Does Science Say About This Treatment?

Read how FORMA is the tried and tested, non-excisional methods of neck rejuvenation. The article highlights the existing literature to support the efficacy of the procedures and details success stories over the past few years. Read Article.

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Benefits of Calgary Skin Tightening

No surgery

No surgery or needles​

FORMA uses advanced RF waves that are 100% non-invasive.

Quick treatments

Our patients love how treatments are convenient and quick. Treatment lasts about 30-60 minutes.

Illustration of comfortable treatments

Comfortable and pain free​

There’s minimal pain. Many patients feel no discomfort.

Woman resuming regular activity

Little to no downtime​

There are no surgical risks or incisions. You can resume your daily activities right away.

Safe and Effective Calgary FORMA Clinic

FORMA is safe for all skin types. FORMA skin tightening treatments utilize a sensor to record skin temperature in real-time. Skin is kept comfortable while allowing optimal temperature for collagen production. Radiofrequency waves and heat are automatically stopped once the optimal temperature has been reached, minimizing risks of burns significantly.

FORMA Skin Tightening Results

Individual results may vary

Roll back the signs of time and tighten loose and sagging skin. Contact REFIRM’s Calgary Clinic at 403-466-3476.