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Scars represent healing. A scar is, by definition, the body’s natural way of repairing itself and replacing lost or damaged skin.

While we are grateful for that healing, it is normal to want to remove the scars from your body.

A scar is fibrous tissue that replaces skin after an injury; they are wound repair. Scar tissue, like skin, is made up of collagen, but collagen with a different fiber composition and has less functionality than the skin it replaced. Scar tissue is less UV-resistant and cannot produce sweat or hair.

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Scar Removal & Treatment

It is completely natural to feel uncomfortable having a scar. They can be a reminder of the injury – however small – and can be frustrating to see and share with the world day after day. Are you tired of explaining your scars to new people over and over? Of feeling self-conscious in romantic situations, or job interviews? It’s normal.

Luckily, modern technology makes scar removal easier than ever before. Many effective solutions are available at REFIRM’s Calgary Skincare Centre.

While we can appreciate the power of our bodies to heal, we can also appreciate the advent of technologies that can take that healing even further.

Book a Fractional Skin Resurfacing to clear away scars and uneven skin. The advanced laser offers skin resurfacing by remove damaged layers and increases collagen production to help smooth skin. A ProCell Microchanneling Facial is another option and will increase collagen and elastin production in your skin to fight acne scarring.

Effective Scar Solutions in Calgary

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Treat scars and renew skin Skin Resurfacing. Advanced lasers resurface the skin and stimulate new, healthy growth.
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ProCell Microchanneling Facial

Activate your body’s natural healing process to treat scars. Microneedles deliver rejuvenating serums into skin to promote dermal health.
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