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4 Things to Know Before Getting Skin Fillers

It’s common to feel anxious about the increasing occurrence of wrinkles on your face as you age. Many would go as far as to say that wrinkles and ageing are synonymous, but that doesn’t stop us from wondering how we can get rid of them.

Skin fillers are a popular treatment with regard to wrinkles. They are also ideal for those with fine lines, sunken facial areas, or thin lips. But if you’re looking to turn back the clock and get skin fillers, you need to do your research beforehand, calculate how much it’ll cost you, and find a reliable practitioner.

Here are some things you need to know before getting skin fillers:

1. Even one injection is powerful

One of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of hyaluronic acid-based skin fillers is their ability to enhance your skin and significantly reduce wrinkles with just one visit to your doctor.

A single injection can last you around three to six months, and may also lead to fresher and more youthful-looking skin in the long term.

2. They’re almost invisible

We all admire Kylie Jenner’s lips—but do we know the story behind them?

Fuller lips are the epitome of beauty for many women, and skin fillers allow you to get them without looking like you did. They make you look natural, while improving your appearance at the same time.

They bring about subtle, yet major changes to your face and focus on imperceptibility.

3. Not the same as Botox

Skin fillers and Botox treat similar areas of the face, but it’s important for you to understand the differences between them and not generalize.

While Botox is injected into your facial muscles to restrict them from contracting, fillers focus on adding more volume to the skin, instead of aiming to stop the movement of the facial muscles.

4. They might take a while to settle down

While skin fillers do have instantaneous visible effects, they do require a few weeks to completely reveal their results. Moreover, they might also need sufficient amounts of time to begin bonding with the water and “plumping” up.

You may also experience swelling after getting skin fillers, and this will probably go away in about two weeks—so be patient!

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