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4 Ways to Prep Yourself For Your Bestie’s Wedding

Ladies, brace yourself for cuffing season! With more and more millennials deciding to settle down sooner than later you might be in the season that preludes wedding fever. The fall season is when the romantics emerge out of their slumber and seek their future spouses.

If wedding bells aren’t ringing for you any time soon, you might end up being a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding instead!

Being a bridesmaid is a very important role, especially if it’s your best-friend’s wedding! You need to plan her honeymoon with her, go shopping for her bridal dress and be there for her throughout.

With so many tasks that are your responsibility, it can be easy to forget to think about the most important one. And that is to take care of yourself and make sure you look amazing! Who knows, you might end up meeting someone at her wedding?

Here are the best tips and tricks to make sure you’re looking your best at the wedding!

Plan your outfit for all the events

Depending on the number of events you plan to have, make sure your outfits are ready from head to toe. This can include the bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and if you want, separate outfits for the ceremony and reception.

Knowing what you’re going to wear will take the stress off for the actual day. You can even hit up dresses on sale nearby to get a new outfit at a cheaper price.

Make sure you take leaves from work

You don’t want to be stuck at work and running back and forth during the wedding. Take some time off from work well in advance before the actual date of the wedding so you have time to run all possible errands. You’re going to have more fun when you’re less distracted and can focus on your bridesmaid’s duties as well.

Hit the spa

Make sure you take yourself and your bestie to the spa so you can get pampered. Get a mani-pedi, facial, Brazilian blow out and the works for some down-time and to pause amidst the crazy wedding planning.

Schedule a Botox appointment

If you truly want to minimize the stress and look your absolute best at the wedding, get Botox two weeks before the wedding. This is the perfect duration for your Botox to settle in and help you look your best, youthful self. Not only can you cut down on your make-up and prep time, but you’re going to look less tired in all the photographs!

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