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A Guide to Body Contouring: All You Need to Know

Body contouring is one of the emerging ways to get the body you want and has become quite popular in the past few years. According to a forecast for body contouring in North America, the market is expected to grow over 460 million dollars by 2022.

To cut down excessive fat from your body, you don’t necessarily need surgical procedures anymore. With body contouring and sculpting treatments now readily available, you can get a cellulite reduction without surgery.

Here’s everything you need to know about body contouring.

Educate Yourself about the Treatment

The non-invasive treatment aims to remove fat from different parts of the body to give it a proper shape and frame. It also protects you from other health risks caused due to obesity.

The amount of fat each person wants to lose can differ. Some are obese and need to get rid of big amounts of fat while others have small fat pockets unevenly distributed that they don’t like. Some of the commonly treated areas include:

·         Lower face and neck with excessive fat

·         Thighs and buttocks with fat cells and cellulite

·         Mass round the lower back and hips

·         Fat on the torso and abdomen

Results to Expect from the Treatment 

Most patients react to the procedure quite well while some may feel a burning sensation afterward.

The treatment has a minimal recovery time hence allowing patients to continue their regular activities the same day. You can expect a visible change as fat bulges reduce within 2-3 months although this may differ from person to person.     

A woman wearing a white top and leggings Some people tend to have unrealistic expectations from the treatment hence they feel disappointed with the results. Speak to your doctor beforehand to know what you should expect and discuss your goals. It’s also important to note that non-surgical body contouring does not substitute exercise and diet.

Choose the Right Body Contouring Method

Some of the commonly used methods of non-invasive body contouring include:

·         Low-level laser therapy: it emits cold laser energy into human body tissues which are absorbed by fat cells. As a result, the cells break down.

·         Ultrasound: its high-intensity sound waves disrupt and dissolve fat cells.

·         Radiofrequency: it transmits controlled energy to excess fat regions and creates deep heat within fat cells to destroy them. 

Avail non-invasive body contouring services from a skincare clinic as reputable as ours. At Refirm we offer all kinds of services for you to get the body shape you wish for. Book an appointment for body contouring and cellulite treatment in Calgary and contact us today for more details.