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Permanent Hair Removal solution in Calgary

DiolazeXL laser hair removal solutions exhibit a combination of peak power and optimal speed. It incorporates one of the largest treatment spot sizes, which makes the process of hair removal fast, painless, and convenient. This IPL hair removal machine offers efficient and best laser hair removal treatment in Calgary without causing any discomfort to the patients—resulting in soft, gentle, and smooth skin.

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Made from the top-of-the-line diode lasers, the diode hair removal machine makes use of a 3PC Technology that involves pre-cooling, parallel-cooling, and post-cooling systems. The laze machine also has in-built safety mechanisms to ensure that the treatment is comfortable and less painful during all the sessions. The DiolazeXL laser hair removal treatment uses multiple pulse modes to fit the surface area of the targeted region of the body. It makes use of infrared wavelength that’s effective in the removal of excess stubborn hair.



DiolazeXL is a safe and convenient solution for addressing large areas of unwanted facial hair such as sideburns or chin hair.


The large treatment surface of the DiolazeXL hand piece enables an easy and fast process for the removal of unwanted hair from large areas such as the back, chest, stomach and legs.


The DiolazeXL targets the root of the problem by delivering maximum power to a large treatment area without compromising efficiency.

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Watch Dr. Anthony Youn demonstrate and review the benefits of DiolazeXL.

Dr. Elliot Battle features DiolazeXL on Fox News

Expert dermatologist speaks about the new-generation cosmetic laser hair removal treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike the other conventional and painful methods of hair removal like shaving and waxing, DiolazeXL eliminates the problem of unwanted hair from the root. The treatment requires only a few sessions that result in a significant reduction in hair growth.

DiolazeXL laser hair removal makes use of a gold standard wavelength to give optimal results and to guarantee the safety of all patients undergoing the treatment. The treatment targets the most stubborn hair effectively and the sessions take lesser time than other traditional methods of hair removal. The treatment is also virtually painless due to the strong built-in cooling system and can treat patients of all skin types, including skin type VI.

The DiolazeXL targets the root of the problem by delivering maximum power to treat a large surface area of the body without compromising efficiency. The process of hair removal delivers quick and smooth results.

The DiolazeXL laser hair removal treatment is a safe and convenient solution for addressing large and unwanted facial hair on the sideburns or the chin. It can also be used to treat other parts of the body such as the chest, legs, stomach, and back.

Oneyear followup results of hair removal using an 810 nm diode laser.

The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology conducted a study to demonstrate the long-term effects of DiolazeXL laser hair removal treatment. The report attests to the hair growth count reduction in patients after 3 months, 6 months and a year.

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