EMSELLA™ Treatments in Calgary

EMSELLA is a breakthrough treatment that has revolutionized the intimate health and wellness market by providing a non-invasive solution for those suffering from incontinence. Regain your confidence and enjoy your favourite activities without having to worry about how often you may need the bathroom.

95% of treated patients now enjoy a significantly higher quality of life.

What is EMSELLA™?

EMSELLA therapy uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM) to stimulate the pelvic muscles deeply and restore neuromuscular control. This non-invasive treatment is Health Canada approved. All the patient needs to do is sit in the EMSELLA chair, fully clothed, while our expert technicians take care of the rest.

What are EMSELLA™ Treatments like?

During the EMSELLA™ treatment session, you may experience slight tingling and contractions of pelvic muscles. One session usually lasts about 30 minutes and can be scheduled up to two times a week. There’s no downtime and most patients start noticing the difference after just one treatment session!

Am I A Candidate for EMSELLA™?

EMSELLA™ treatment for Urinary Incontinence is an excellent solution for both men and women at any age. Weak pelvic muscles can be caused by a number of reasons such as hormonal changes, childbirth, or simply age. The good news is that anyone looking for a solution to urinary incontinence and a better quality of life can opt for EMSELLA™ therapy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMSELLA™ treatments can help patients restore control of the bladder, eliminate incontinence, and help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. It’s a non-invasive procedure where patients remain fully clothed throughout.

EMSELLA™ treatments are designed to cause deep pelvic stimulation with non-invasive HIFEM technology. Other procedures, such as intravaginal electro-stimulation, lack efficacy because they only treat tissue superficially. Additionally, there’s also a risk of burns with other procedures.

EMSELLA™ treatments have been approved by Health Canada and the FDA. It is the first revolutionary technology for treating incontinence that has shown excellent results in multiple studies. Discuss your condition with our experts, and we’ll guide you in detail about how EMSELLA™ works and its unique safety profile.

During an EMSELLA™ treatment session, you may feel sensations similar to an intense pelvic workout. You can sit fully clothed during the treatment and relax in the BTL EMSELLA™. If you have any specific needs, speak to our staff, and we’d be happy to accommodate your request to ensure a relaxing experience at REFIRM.

EMSELLA™ treatments can vary from patient to patient. Get an initial consultation with us, and we’ll evaluate your medical condition before recommending treatment sessions.

Nothing lasts forever, and EMSELLA™ treatments will also vary depending on your lifestyle and health condition. Most patients find that they can maintain results for around six months after treatment. We recommend booking a consultation every few months to review progress and see if additional treatments might be beneficial.

Yes! We’re really excited about the technology and have already started treating patients with incontinence issues using EMSELLA™. There are also multiple scientific studies that show exactly how BTL EMSELLA™ works.

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