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Fillers vs. Injectables-Which One Should You Get?

Both are injectable, both are meant to reverse time and both are minimally invasive procedures. But that’s about how similar they are.

When it comes to choosing between the two procedures, how do you choose one for your specific ageing problems?

What are fillers?

Derma fillers include hyaluronic acid which plumps targeted facial muscles. They are meant to enhance the target site by compensating for tissue that may have been lost in the ageing process.

How do fillers work?

There are different types of fillers for different parts of the face. Depending upon the type of the filler used, the treatment can have long or short term results.

What makes the skin soft and supple are three main ingredients; collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. They work together to keep the skin plump, tight and hydrated. However, age-induced loss of either of these can make your skin sag and wrinkle.

Why should you go for fillers?

Fillers can help diminish the lines that don’t tend to change such as wrinkles from sleeping on your face and lines that linger after laughing on your cheeks and around your mouth.

If you want to restore parts of your face with more volume and structure to make them appear more youthful, fillers can get the job done. Most often people also choose to get their lips and cheeks plumped up.

What are injectables?

Injectables are a neurotoxin protein which can relax the facial muscles that prevent wrinkles from forming. When your skin starts losing its elasticity, it begins to sag and it can be easier for the lines from frowning and other facial expressions to become more permanent.

Why should you choose this treatment?

This treatment can help you reduce the number of horizontal and vertical lines. Whether it’s the lines on your forehead from frowning or the crow’s feet next to your eyes, they can be targeted by this injectable.

Injectables are a temporary treatment and depending on the aftercare can last between three to four months.

You should consult with any of our trained technicians at Refirm in Calgary before you decide for either treatment. After a primary evaluation, they will be able to determine which treatment should suit you best. To find out more about our services regarding derma fillers or injectables, contact us today.