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First-Timer’s Guide to a Great Body Contouring Experience

Have you ever looked at sculptures of Greek gods and wondered how in the world is one supposed to get such a toned body? Because same. They look unreal and absolutely exquisite, and it seems that no amount of workout or dieting could get us there.

We’re especially talking about those stubborn bits of fat that refuse to budge. Of course, you can choose to go under the knife, but at least for us scaredy-cats, surgery isn’t an option, which is why we like the sound of non-invasive procedures like BodyFX – Cellulite and Fat Reduction Treatment.

What Exactly is Body Contouring

Body contouring treatments or, more appropriately, body sculpting techniques are non-invasive procedures that get rid of loose skin and fat cells to give you a better-toned body.

Body contouring is an umbrella term that covers a whole range of treatments like skin tightening, fat reduction, muscle tightening and more. A professional consultation will tell you exactly what your body requires.

With advances in research and technology, there are a great many treatments that one can opt for, which are now safer and definitely more accessible. This also explains the crazy demand for these procedures in recent years.

The Choices

Depending on your body type and the area of your body you’re trying to contour, an expert is going to guide you through the many different treatments available. The results of each vary according to your lifestyle and physique.

While new treatments are popping up every few months or so, some are more effective than others. You can go for temperature-based fat-reduction treatments, or skin tightening treatments, or those that use radiofrequency to destroy fat cells.

Are There Any Risks?

Before you opt for any procedure or treatment that aims to change the way your body looks potentially, you need to consider a few important factors. These could be your previous medical history or the reasons you want this change, or even what you expect from the treatment and any risks involved. The experts who administer this treatment should be addressing all of these questions.

While there aren’t any known intense risks involved, these treatments aren’t for everybody. While they may help an already fit person get a more toned body, these non-invasive treatments will not work for obesity. At times, people do feel a burning sensation, but at most, it can be described as uncomfortable, but not painful. Temporary redness and slight bruising are also very common.

But the great part is, with realistic expectations, you will see the results after the first few sessions!

Learn more about our radiofrequency treatments for cellulite and fat reduction in Calgary and see if it’s the perfect fit for you. And get in touch with our team of experts for a professional consultation.