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Getting That Summer Glow: Your Go to Guide

Summer’s here! And that means that along with your lifestyle, your skincare routine needs to change as well!

Glowing skin is the perfect combination for your summer dresses. Supple, hydrated, and healthy skin will never go out of style.

But our skin tends to dry out during winter, which gives it a dull appearance. You need to get rid of this dry skin before summer because the heat will do everything it can to sap the moisture from your skin.

The following are some effective way to achieve glowing skin for the summer:

Shorten Your Showers

You might be tempted to take long showers during summer. However, long showers can dry out your skin and make it look dull.

If you have dry skin, hop into the shower for up to five minutes maximum, and use room temperature water. You should then pat your skin down with a soft cloth or towel—do not rub it!

You should also moisturize your skin while it’s still damp so all the moisture from the shower gets locked in.

Choosing A Facial

Many of us turn to facials to acquire that summer glow. It’s one of the most effective methods to be rid of dull, dry, or irritated skin. However, you need to be careful while choosing your facial type and the salon you get it from.

The right place will give you a facial that will rejuvenate your skin. However, the wrong facial can cause scars, marks, and inflammation.

Use The Perfect Body Wash

It’s not about how you shower; it’s about what you shower with.

When choosing a body wash, always use a moisturizing one with high humectant content. Humectants will draw water in and cause it to stay beneath the skin.

You’ll also need a good emollient that can moisturize and soothe your skin by spreading the molecules evenly. Remember to also choose a body wash that can cleanse your skin gently without stripping its oils away.

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