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Injectables vs Fillers: Know The Difference

Over time, our skin’s elasticity reduces, leaving it with lines and less volume. However, with medical advancements and research, people can now reverse the effects of ageing.

In this context, Injectables and Fillers are popular treatments used for rejuvenating the skin. If you’re confused about which one to get, here’s a comprehensive guide outlining their differences and uses.

Injectables: What Is It?

Injectables are a neurotoxin protein compound produced by bacteria. It is injected in a specific area, to affect the working of nerves inside the muscle receptors of that area. This toxin inhibits the ability of the nerves to produce more muscle. This eliminates the production of wrinkles and lines caused by muscle contraction. However, over time, these muscle receptors are regenerated and return to their original functionality.

Injectables are the result of extensive research and studies in the field of medicine. It’s safe and used to treat signs of ageing all over the world. Back in 2015, injectable neurotoxin was the top-most minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure undergone in Canada.

Who Can Avail This Treatment?

Primarily, this treatment is used for rejuvenating the skin—to reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by ageing. It can significantly improve the look of brow furrows and crow’s feet. However, Injectables are also used for treating migraines and excessive sweating issues in patients.

Injectables Results

Injectables reduces wrinkles caused by ageing and lines on the face caused as a result of facial expressions. With it, the skin can be made to appear youthful and taut without the need for surgeries.

With age, your brows drop down, making your face appear tired. Injectables treatment, however, you can lift your brows to give your face a fresh look.

You can talk to your practitioner about the lines you wish to remove from your face. However, a good practitioner will examine your face as a whole and will tell you treatment options to enhance the overall look of your face rather than removing certain lines.

Fillers: What Is It?  

Our bodies produce a substance called hyaluronic acid which is used for water retention in our skin, eyes and connective tissues. The water retention helps in hydration and lubrication of the connective tissues. As we age, the levels of hyaluronic acid in our bodies deplete and results in decreased elasticity and dryness of skin. Consequently, wrinkles and lines are formed.

Dermal fillers treatment involves the injection of hyaluronic acid into the skin to reduce wrinkles. The treatment is fast and adds subtle volume to the area.

Dermal fillers are also used in enhancing the appearance of lips with the injection of hyaluronic acid.

Who Can Avail This Treatment?

The treatment lasts for about 30–40 minutes and can be used for a number of reasons. In its truest essence, fillers are used for rejuvenating the skin by enhancing its volume.

Over the years, the skin loses its volume—a phenomenon commonly experienced in the late thirties. Athletes can also experience the loss of volume from their faces. Dermal fillers can restore this volume loss and give the skin a fresher appearance.

Filler Treatment Results

Dermal fillers aim to enhance the skin’s appearance by subtly increasing its volume. It’s used for giving the skin a youthful appearance while maintain the natural aesthetics of the face.

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