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Lose the Turkey Neck with Injectable Treatments

You can stick your head out like a turtle all you want to hide it, but when your neck starts sagging, you’ll inevitably start getting what people—unkindly—refer to as a turkey neck.

A sagging neck is just another natural sign of ageing. And like other ageing symptoms such as wrinkles, it’s caused by exposure to the sun, genetic factors, and your overall health. The skin on our neck becomes less elastic as we age. The muscles in the neck tend to become more relaxed and loosen up as well.

These factors are almost never in your control. You can’t prevent them from happening, and there’s no certified way to prepare for them. But you can take care of your turkey neck using injectable treatments.

How does it work?

At REFIRM, we thoroughly evaluate and consult with the client first before one of our doctors suggests a cosmetic treatment. We only begin a treatment after you give your consent.

Injectables are formed by a neurotoxin protein which is extracted from a bacterium and is the main ingredient of the treatment. This chemical—which is in powder form—is mixed with saline for dilution and then used in the injection. Injections are targeted to neuromuscular tissues so that the muscles can relax.

How soon does it start to work?

After the injection, your doctor might ask you to contract the muscles which are meant to be targeted. The number of injections a person needs vary according to each individual.

After the treatment, there can be redness in the applied area for three to five days. Soon after, though, the muscles appear tighter and the skin starts to look smoother.

The results get better progressively with each passing week. The treatment can last up to 6 months after which you can get the treatment again.

Injectables are not very invasive and have been proven to show great results. They’re also quick and relatively painless. There is no prolonged recovery period either, but there are some dos and don’ts that you should be mindful of.


Our injectable treatments are your one-stop solution to all wrinkle-related issues. It’s the most opted for treatment by celebrities as well, because the results are almost instantaneous. For more information about the process and other treatments available at our cosmetic treatment clinic in Calgary, call 403 466 3476 or book a consult.