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Say Good Bye to Dark Circles with Fillers

YouTube and the internet in general are teeming with makeup tutorials on how to make dark circles disappear. The process involves concealers, foundations, and a great deal of time and skill which are required to pull the trick off efficiently.

Makeup artists with years of experience might be able to pull it off but even they require time and talent—and the miraculous disappearing act only remains for as long as the face paint does.

As soon as you wash your face, out flies the smooth skin and you’re once more ready to greet your dark circles.

What Causes Dark Circles

Dark circles can’t be avoided simply by sleeping all day and all night (come to think of it, even Sleeping Beauty had them, and she slept for a hundred years straight!). They’re inevitable in today’s age and time, especially when you consider the fact that they are caused by stress and fatigue. Other causes include exposure to the sun, allergies, aging, and of course, sleep deprivation.

The puffiness that balloons up under one’s eyes is the blood vessels showing. When a person does not get enough sleep, their eyelids begin to balloon up, which in turn causes the dreaded puffiness.

They also differ from person to person. Some people are actually born with thinner skin regimes under their eyes which makes them more prone to having an indentation. In some people, this indentation may run deep; in others, not so. Genes also have a role to play. Dark circles can also occur due to dehydration.


Dark circles are already puffy enough, but as we age the elasticity of collagen fibre is gradually lost and they become more prominent. This happens due to the loosening of the skin in general.

Using Fillers to Treat Dark Circles

If you’re opting to get your cheek volume treated, you won’t just get your dark circles fixed, but also will be able to have your cheekbone defined more prominently. These fillers re injected in the area directly under the eye. The upper region of the check is filled with dermal filler and this in turn provides support to the region below the eye, making it less prone to droop due to puffiness.

You can also, alternatively, get the tear trough treated. This procedure is opted for in the case that you already have optimum cheek volume. Your tear troughs will be injected with dermal fillers which help lift the eyes.

The Procedure

Before the treatment, avoid anything that might cause the blood to thin—such as alcohol, or even aspirin. For the procedure, your face will be marked and in about half an hour an injection will be applied, preceded by the application of a numbing agent. Your number of injections will depend on your individual need, and your practitioner can help you understand this better. They will follow the procedure with massaging which causes the area to become smooth.

Following the appointment, you should avoid any and all workout routines, and regularly ice the treated area. Avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun.

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