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Who Should Get Fillers?

Cosmetic treatments like injectable fillers in cheeks and lips are becoming increasingly common, partly because of celebrity culture. But are celebrities the only people who should get these cosmetic treatments?

The social stigma surrounding many cosmetic procedures like injectables and lip fillers is dying down. This might be because people are slowly starting to realize the blurred lines between getting these treatment and other beauty procedures like changing the color of your hair! Both can be considered experimental for some and therapeutic for others.

How are fillers different from injectables?

Fillers are not quite like injectables, instead of relaxing the muscles, they actually make up for lost volume. Aging can cause skin to droop and your features to change. For higher cheekbones, plumper lips and smoother skin, fillers can be a better option.

Injectables merely relaxes muscles which are so stretched out that they can cause wrinkles to appear. According to cosmeticians and experts in the field, this kind of treatment is best suited for problem areas in the top two-thirds of the face. That is primarily where people can have more lines whether from smiling, frowning, squinting or other expressions.

So who are the best candidates for fillers?

Those with lines around the mouth and nose

People who want to enhance features in the lower part of their face or in the middle, should opt for fillers. Certain folds can develop near the nose and the mouth which can create lines. Fillers can help make that area expand and make it smoother hence covering up the lines. Follow Kylie Jenner’s lip filler journey to know more about what injectable fillers can do for you.

Those who want better bone structure

Either the process of aging has caused your once high and mighty cheekbones to become sad and sullen. Or you’re a young and hip adult and feel like your bone structure could use a little improvement. Both these conditions can be easily remedied by consulting a professional and getting fillers injected to restore your face to its former glory or to give you that well defined, contoured look, temporarily.

Those not willing to go under the knife

Injectable fillers are a great way to test out a treatment without committing to a surgical procedure. You don’t have to undergo a complicated procedure and with filler there is little which can go wrong as well. These procedures don’t necessarily take that long and can be done during your lunch break as well.

If you’re interested in getting injectable fillers in Calgary, our staff at Refirm clinic is well trained and our clinic is medically supervised. You can seek consultation services before making an appointment for any of our cosmetic treatments.