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Your Ultimate Guide to Achieving Radiant Glass Skin

Korean skin care is popularly known for several ground-breaking techniques, formulations, and secret ingredients that have revolutionized beauty and cosmetics as we know it. One such K-beauty formulation is makeup artist Ellie Choi’s skin care routine: glass skin.

As the name suggests, glass skin is impeccably smooth, glowing, even-toned, and translucent. In spite of how challenging it may sound, achieving such a lustrous and radiant complexion is entirely possible.

Here’s your ultimate guide to beautiful glass skin.

1. Double Cleanse

It’s crucial to begin your skincare routine with a clean canvass. This is especially true at night when your skin collects grease, dirt, dust, and makeup residue throughout the day. Use micellar water or cleansing oil for the first cleanse. Follow this up with a cream cleanser or a foam washer.

2. Exfoliate

Smooth and radiant skin necessitates exfoliation to clear out dead skin cells that block your pores. However, its important not to overdo the exfoliation. Try it two or three times a week to avoid irritation.

3. Tone

While many people tend to avoid traditional toners, K-beauty formulates their toners with refreshing ingredients such as green tea, floral water, ginseng, and galactomyces. These help the skin to hydrate and restore pH levels. Hydration allows oncoming products to be absorbed better.

4. Use an Essence

The less-concentrated cousin of serums, essences are far more watery and lightweight in their consistency. They act as a targeted treatment that helps address redness and pigmentation but with the benefit of extra moisture and hydration.

5. Use an Ampoule or Serum

Korean skincare uses ampoules instead of serums because they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that promote collagen growth, nourish the skin, and reverse signs of aging.

6. Moisturize

If you’re aiming for that glowing and dewy look for your skin, moisturizing is essential. Use a moisturizer that incorporates antioxidants, hydrators, and botanical extracts. Try using a Korean staple, cica. It has anti-aging and healing properties.

7. Seal Everything with a Mask

Finally, all that’s left to do is to lock in all your layers with a mask. Masks are fantastic for soothing tired skin, locking in moisture, and visibly repairing damage.

If you want to take your skin care routine to the next level and successfully achieve glowing glass skin, try non-invasive tried-and-tested techniques such as an OxyGeneo facial, Lumecca IPL skin treatment, and Forma.

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