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Myth or Fact: Laser Hair Removal Edition

A more advanced method called “Laser Hair Removal” does not require shaving or waxing to remove hair follicles. It targets the hair at its base to prevent new hairs from growing.

However, there are some myths attached to laser hair removal; this blog will address a few of the common ones:

Myth or Fact: Laser hair removal is a permanent solution for unwanted hair.

Fact. Laser hair removal is a practical, permanent method for removing unwanted body hairs and shaping your desired look without damaging your skin in the process. Although it might not be as efficient as shaving, laser hair removal ensures visibly smoother skin with long-lasting results that last up to four years.

a girl getting laser hair removalMyth or Fact: Laser hair removal leaves skin red or inflamed for several days after treatment.

Fact. Laser hair removal treatments do not cause the skin to become red or inflamed. Laser skincare is not harmful to the skin and has no long-term ill effects. Some patients experience mild, temporary redness, which usually resolves within 24 hours.

Myth or Fact: Laser hair removal costs less than $600 and lasts for ten years.

Fact. Depending on the area being treated and your desired results, a single laser hair removal treatment can cost between $300-$1,000 plus laser time (usually one treatment lasts 30 minutes).

Laser hair removal is most effective for people with light hair and lighter skin (redheads and blondes). Effective results can last anywhere from two to ten years, depending on your lifestyle and how much you expose your skin to the sun.

Myth or Fact: Laser hair removal causes permanent hair loss.

Myth. This myth stems from the fact that aging, or “follicular senescence,” causes naturally-growing hairs to become thinner with each passing month. During laser hair removal, the treatment heats the follicle not to produce new hairs, but it does not destroy the follicle nor make hairs disappear forever.

Myth or Fact: Laser hair removal doesn’t work well on people who with thinner hairline

Myth. Some patients report that the treatment, while effective, does not deliver long-term results. This is largely due to patients who have thicker hairlines. It does, however, work well on lighter skin tones and for people with normal or thinning hair. Hair growth may resume after a year or so, depending on your lifestyle and how much you expose your skin to the sun.

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